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Soup of the day small large
Vegetarian: $4.50 $5.50
Meat: $4.75 $5.75
All items are fresh & made-to-order! We proudly serve Iggy’s homemade breadproducts, in addition to our chef creation soups, pickles, sauces & desserts!
Choice of: Baguette, multigrain, ciabatta & pita
1) Tunisian Tuna:
Marinated albacore tuna, sliced tomato, cucumber, olive tapenade, pickled turnip & Harissa sauce.
2) Turkey Sandwich w/ Pizzazz:
Smoked Boar`s Head turkey, Fontina cheese, homemade pickles, tomato, mixed letuce, Tunisian avocado salad.
3) French Dip:
Fresh sliced sirloin beef, cheddar cheese sauce & balsamic-red onion jam.
4) Smoked Salmon:
Mix lettuce, tomato, cucumber, asparagus and lemon-caper sauce.
5) Middle Eastern Vegetarian:
Chickpea kefta, Tunisian salad, (Chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, apples with mint lemon dressing), lemon hummus, pickled turnip, tahini sauce, romaine lettuce.
6) Short rib:
Falling apart beef short rib, Fontina cheese topped with broccoli rabe.
7) Fancy Roast Beef:
Thin Sliced angus roast beef, mix lettuce, tomato, sliced red onion, lemon aioli & cheddar cheese
8) Chicken Shawarma:
Marinated chicken with Middle Eastern spices, lemon hummus, lettus, tomatoes, pickles, onion & ttahini sauce
9) Buffalo Chicken:
Boar’s Head buffalo sliced chicken, spicy aioli, lettuce, tomatoes & Fontina cheese
10) Hot Pastrami:
Very lean beef pastrami, spicy mayo, mixed lettuce, tomatoes & cheddar cheese
11) Grilled Cheese & Tomato:
With three types of cheese: American, Fontina & cheddar
Make it Pannini style at no extra charge
1) Chopped Middle Eastern Salad:
Vegetable kefta, lemon- hummus, grape leaves, pita chips, Tunisian salad, mixed lettuce, sliced tomato & cucumber with tahini sauce & pita chips
2) Chicken Salad:
Musculin lettuce, Romaine lettuce, fetacheese, tomato, cucumber, braised marinated chicken, artichoke hearts and citrus vinaigrette.
3) Quinoa Salad:
Mixed lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, artichokes, quinoa mix, guacamole, feta cheese & pita chips
4) Caesar Salad:
Classic romaine lettuce mixed with Caesar dressing, homemade croutons & parm cheese
Chicken $2.50
Any Other Cold Cut $3.00
Salmon $3.50
Add on Sides
Grilled Chicken/Shawarma chicken/ Buffalo Chicken $2.50
Pastrami/Roast Beef/Short Rib/Steak $3.00
Ham/Turkey Bacon/Sausages/Vegetable Kefta/Tuna Salad Smoked/Spicy Sausage $2.50
Salmon $3.50
Pita Chips & Hummus $3.75
Tunisian Avocado Salad $4.50
Grape Leaves $2.25
Pita Chips $2.00
Hummus $2.00
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Taboule $4.50 $5.50
Quinoa Salad $4.50 $5.50
Guacamole $1.50
Kids Menu
Grilled Cheese $3.00
Turkey and Cheese $4.50
Peanut Butter & Jelly $3.00
Meat & Rice
1) Chicken & Rice:
Shawarma style grilled chicken, spiced rice, chopped lettuce & tomatoes, pita chips with garlic sauce & yogart dressing
2) Tofu & Rice:
Grilled middle east style tofu, spiced rice, chopped lettuce & tomato, pita chips with garlic sauce & yogurt dressing (add harissa sauce to make it Tunisian style)
Weekly Meat Specials will be posted on our website & social media
We offer delivery to the Watertown, MA area on orders of $20 or more.
We also offer delivery to businesses and offices in Watertown.