All Day Breakfast:
1) Egg and cheese sandwich: $4.50
2) Sausage, egg and cheese sandwich: $5.00
3) Steak, egg and cheese sandwich: $6.00
4) Bacon, egg and cheese sandwich: $5.00
5) Ham, Egg and cheese sandwich: $5.00
6) LOX: Cream cheese, mixed lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red obion, capers & smoked salmon: $8.00
7) OMG bagels with butter/cream cheese: $2.50
8) Shakshouka: Tunisian spicy casserole breakfast: 2 eggs poached in spicy tomato & vegetable sauce, served with bread of your choice (please allow 15 min. for this dish)  
Add On  
Housemade daily Guacamole $1.50
Hashbrowns $1.75
Extra egg $1.00
Extra meat: ham, turkey, sausage, steak, buffalo chicken, turkey bacon $2.00
Lettuce, tomato, onion Free
Harissa sauce:
(one per customer)
On you choice of bread:
Baguette, pita bread, OMG bagels, English muffins
We offer delivery to the Watertown, MA area on orders of $20 or more.
We also offer delivery to businesses and offices in Watertown.